Rotating/Animated Endeavour image

I’m really unsure of what I wanted to title this topic and ask questions because of what I’ve read, but I saw a few images of high caliber I thought could be tweaked into something else but I didn’t want to ask openly about specific ones and post links for upsetting anyone, but all I can do is ask the following.

I’m doing a bit of filming while I learn [ANOTHER] new hobby, but I’d like to promot the fact that that the videos are put together using Endeavouros so I’m looking for an animated spining gif of Endeavour
plus a few others.

I ran across a couple images and what not, but didn’t know if anyone had made any animated images. I can pm links to specific ones that are just phenominal.

I know a few saw my 2019 cheesy fun pellet gun Christmas video and got a few laughs, and I’m still making cheesy fun videos, but I’d like to make a decent opening title sequence promoting the fact I’m using EndeavourOS/Arch.

Also in this, pun intended–> this Endeavour will produce a nice animated something maybe the OS may or may not be able to use for something? who knows.

I use KDEnlive, and the more I use it, I find a little bit more and more to play with, I just think people should see you can do with linux just as well with wincrapos …
[cheesy not withstanding] HAHA

I don’t generally promote video sites, but people doing videos powered specifically by their OS does not run across MY suggestions unless I specifically look it up, and I feel a powered title sequence and keywords can change that for the benafit of Endeavour if not Linux in general to be honest.

To give an idea to spark in someone my questions, I present my latest cheesy video…
It just sort of jumps in because of no intro.

I would like some feedback though on the end soundfx…are they level? Depending on device used, sound used may be low…but if it looks like a duck…lol


I really liked the pellet gun video. This is cool too. :+1:


Generally so far, I make my cheesy videos unlisted, but to catch anyone up on the continuing adventures of my backyard antics…

The video before that may give a clue to what I’m using my fire in.

I rebuilt my new forge 3 times before I got a decent basic design that worked right.

Also, Pete Opossum is a reoccurring night time visitor to the yard all summer at night
so that’s who Pete is, he just didn’t show [that I know of] that night :wink: I’m sure enjoying the video software though haha

This was a week or so before the last video


Have you been on forged in fire? :laughing:

Edit: Where’s your forging gloves?

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Good job! Those tongs look great! :grinning: :+1:t2:


No, but I have been melting metal on and off and trying to hunt down basic stuff I needed since just before that show came out. Alot of years went by due to my son being younger and asthma issues needed constant attention, but he’s a teen now and I can get back outside.
I only just got that thing I use for an anvil early spring 2019. It’s the size of a 12 pk of beer but weighs 190lbs and I bought 2 at the scrapyard and barely got them in the truck.

I keep gloves close by if I need them, always need them at some point, especially now that I discovered that my red flashlight and hot coals do not mix.
I mentioned to someone else that when I discovered that, it was a shame I didn’t have the camera running,… the dance I invented was quite invigorating as were the words to the song I invented :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll probly end up doing it again at some point while trying to get the fire going as anthracite is not easy to get going.

If you spot any Endeavour animations, let me know.


Thankyou, I thought they turned out good for being the first thing I ever made.


Maybe you ask @SGS for some rotating EndeavourOS icons.


wow, even more impressive; hadn’t realised that! :trophy: