Root password not accepted in some instances

I’m trying to install Popsicle and when I’m asked for the root password, I give it but it fails repeatedly. Same issue with running Imagewriter - root password not accepted.

I then go to a command line and type su, and give the same password and it is accepted. I’ve never run across this before.

I was able to get past the issue in Imagewriter using my User PW rather than root PW. “authentication” threw me off.

This was normal behavior, not an issue.
If you read the message carefully, there is different wording when asked for root user or admin user password. Whoever are in the wheel/sudo group are considered administrators.
It is unlikely you would be asked for a root password with a graphical prompt, which is usually from a polkit/pkexec authorization agent.
If you are curious and have some time, read about polkit at Archwiki.

Thanks petsam. I’ll read up and make adjustments as needed.

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