[root] EndeavourOS grub theme

Got inspired, lol. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Root and for your awesome work on this. :1st_place_medal: :+1:t2:

Thank you - but I have nothing I was not given - but thank you.


Looks great on my laptop. Thank you @Root and @northernlass.


Thanks, repleaced the default EOS grub theme with this one. fantastic work


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Just wondering - how North is north?


I have a dream of Orkney …

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I wish! Love all those more remote and rugged places. Visited Scotland a lot in the past, and you can feel the change in air past Carlisle; fresh, not so industrial. Scottish relatives, but haven’t lived there myself … don’t want to dox myself online, incase there’s a Ddos and some ninja hit-person ever reads the forum, lol, so I’ll say I’m not too far from the Newcastle area. Visited Whitby and have been on the replica Endeavour, which was awesome; got to fire a cannon. Roughly where are you in the UK?


I am not UK - I am viking - sort of - descendant of the inhabitants of Orkney :slight_smile: living in one the oldest viking cities - aarhus - denmark


That’s great. I was learning more about Vikings recently, after catching up on ‘Vikings’ … the areas they settled, the culture. I like the ancient customs too, runes, etc. Sorry I didn’t put 2 and 2 together about your name and the place. I’ve just looked at some pics, and it looks really cool. You’ve always lived there?

The family got history - I am out of an old Southern Jutland family with tree everywhere - try searching for hundewadt - it will be family at some point :slight_smile: - the hundewadt.dk domain is a family name since 1990’s

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I’m looking it up and seeing it is a huge family tree. Most results in Danish so far. Thanks for the link. I’d say brb, but I’d need to learn Danish, so it could take a while. :rofl:

no problem - english is my second

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I honestly thought you were in the UK or America, your English is so good.

I can see Aarhus goes back to the 8th century, so the Hundewadt family began there?

been practicing since when I started learn English at age 11 - but also quite a factor I think is my developer background - everything that matters development wise is english - probably why my english is above average. :slight_smile:

I don’t know - I don’t think so - but it is old - it appears as deputy mayor of Copenhagen - dating way back - I really don’t remember how much.

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Yes, that makes a lot of sense, and using the language from such a young age … no wonder you’re great at it! :+1:t2:

And interesting to look at the history, not that I can find any in English much, lol. I certainly enjoyed studying the North East’s ancient history, the monks and monasteries and calligraphy/gold leaf time particularly, etc. Love all that scribing and beautiful images and writing.

When I was a boy - I hated my last name.

Now as a grown up - I appreciate the history - all those *hansen’ and ‘olsen’ and ‘jensen’ they pale when you search for ‘hundewadt’

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Yes, that can happen, and it’s great that now that’s a source of interest and further learning. Nice to have that sense of ancestry across time, and it can be very refreshing to look at different times and ways. And hundewadt sounds very powerful. What does it mean translated?

The following is entirely fictional.

There may be an translation - but is a crossing of langues

  1. In Danish the work Hund is a dog.
  2. The word Hundevad could be a word explaining a place - crossing of a water - where a dog could pass without swimming(derived from german).
  3. If you look at a map you will find - in the southern of Jutland - a village or estate - named 'Hundevad*
  4. Do we know what this is - no - we don’t - but historiaclly - our imagination will do the most.