Rofi menu tmux not shown


I was having a issue in which when using rofi menu tmux which I have recently installed is not showing up. I have seen there are some issue when some applications are installed out side of the $PATH. However, this was installed with pacman and I doubt this is the issue. How can I get it to show up?



Could you share the script please? Without the script its going to be shots in the dark.

Which script?

How are you launching rofi? The command or script…

The default which comes with the i3 install . Ctrl-d shows the rofi menu.

sudo nano /usr/share/applications/tmux.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=kitty -e tmux

i am using kitty
edit to your terminal

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this can be done also for a single user:
nano /home/build/.local/share/applications/tmux.desktop

so you do not mess with system files and updates…

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yes it’s right you can too
sometimes i like best that things are in root folder
but here I will probably use as you said :smile:
nano $HOME/.local/share/applications/tmux.desktop

indeed :wink: