Rofi launcher window rule to only appear on main monitor

Did set this to try if it would work as far as my understanding has been but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Rofi still appears on my second monitor.

edit: also tried to replace “for_window” with “assign” and different output names such as “DisplayPort-1” and “primary”
no success

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i do use workspace not display to do that :wink:
because you can bind a workspace to a display.

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i did actually bind workspaces to a certain displays
and i did assign some different windows to those but for rofi especially i dont know, aren’t there gonna be issues if i specify rofi for 4 different workspaces?

i do not know what i3 will decide or issues as it can not work to bind Class “Rofi” to more than one Workspace… how it should know where to put it?

thats kind of what i have in mind tho
as for my understanding of assigning to a workspace a window is only allowed to launch in that specific window
assigning multiple workspaces might not even be intended

gonna try it anyway

edit: yeah i3 just acts like “mf cant you decide just one place for me to launch something, you stupid?”
still worth a try

edit2: even when assigning it to only one workspace it still can open on main and second monitor

i never bind rofi to workspace as i do use it in many ways and it gives only one “Class” id.
Could be that you could change the ID… but I have no clue if this is possible.
And it could be that Rofi does simply do not follow i3 and opens wherever your cursor is.

I had a similar issue with firefox on sway.
assign or set_window, workspace or output… nothing worked.

Until I grep -r firefox .config/sway and realised that the default community edition already set a rule for firefox in another config file that was sourced by the main config.

edit: sorry joekamprad, I always hit the wrong reply button

yes but i3 and sway has completely different steps … (at least at EndeavourOS) and I have no setting to place rofi …a s we use it for powermenu appmenu and now also for power-profiles-menu … last two ha buttons to start them on the bar… would look strange if the would open on a different workspace :wink: