Rofi custom shortcut does not work (KDE)

I have installed Rofi, and added a custom shortcut for it. This exact same procedure is working like a charm om my laptop where I also run Endeavour with KDE.

I don’t believe this to be KDE specific, but I could be wrong.

Rofi runs without problems when I run the command in my terminal.

I have tried binding both meta+r and alt+r without success. Any suggestions?

Make sure you have the package khotkeys installed.

If that isn’t the issue, can we see the setup for the shortcut?

khotkeys is latest version.

It looks like you are using a “Send Keyboard Input” shortcut instead of a “Command” shortcut.

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Yes. And that was it.

It never occurred to me that the shortcut I made day 2 maybe was the wrong type of shortcut… Explains why it was working on the laptop. I didn’t do the same mistake there.


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