Rgb virus?


Not a major issue as long as you watch what you download.

According to the show notes at https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3653-hw-news-rgb-malware-steals-crypto-ryzen-gains-market-share-ddr5

The trouble, though, is that fake Dragon Center and Afterburner software is being run in advertisements. ConfiantIntel wrote on twitter:

“Users are redirected to a chain of fake MSI themed websites [GN: Redacted websites], offering users to download MSI dragon center and MSI afterburner. The download links are pointing to a malware (discussed below) hosted in @discord again! The discord CDN servers are heavily used to host malware, targeting large number of users […] it is a new variant RedLine Infostealer, with additional features.”

I don’t user any RGB software downloads on mine. What ever is there already built in on the firmware for the keyboard and mouse is what it’s using.