Review of the system written for the Polish audience

Good morning! The wonderful time of Christmas has already physically passed, but mentally it still continues. I wanted to ask your permission, to write a review of Endeavour Os, for an audience in Poland, and more specifically, for users of the Polish android forum, where we try to bring together technology fans. In general, I know that there are many such reviews on the web, and it is not uncommon, but I think that, basing only on the objective perception is unfair, because as a new user of Arch, I can in good conscience recommend this system to the least experienced users, and point to an excellent place where you can chat and get advice, without fear of ridicule or other unpleasant behavior. My review, I hope, will stand out among all those available, this will certainly involve the use of your graphics and perhaps a gentle support of content.


Thank’s for asking, but you do not need our permission to do so :wink:

Anyway, feel free to ask anything if you are not sure about something we will be here to give the missing info.

Twoja pomoc jest bardzo mile widziana!