Review of EndeavourOS ARM Edition

Luke’s Tech reviewed the ARM Edition on his YouTube channel.
It was a mostly positive review. Kudos to @Pudge and others who have contributed to the ARM development.


guess he not install correct or removed alot :rofl: unless @Pudge change script? i’d say that just base install of arch with some EndeavourOS packages. Also usb port on 8Gb pi4 work for long times . I will watch all…

:pray: for share @sradjoker

Edit i no install EOS on pi4 in lot time maybe install script change . had this before when thing go side way ( script part fail ) you end with arch+ few items of endeavouros

Edit 2… Nothing wrong with install process Pudge did fantatsic work. it better this way + learn more

EndeavourOs no want be same every other distro !!

Edit 3… " need be arch base system " :rofl: That no a must have , it advice + using iso is great idea if any mistake made it no make problem in your main device . iso use save you from that worry .


Thank you all for EnOS-ARM!