Returned to EnOs

Hi Everyone!

I’ve finally been able to come back (due to circumstances). lol I still don’t know how to deal with those .pacnew/save files but I’m definitely not going to let that stop me.

A massive “hello!” to everyone and anyone who was here when I was last here.

hahaha I should say that I’m trying to come back, been having a headache with this install. I’m adamant that I want to run i3. only tried i3 (my first window manager) about a week ago and I just love the simplicity of it. lol when it’s all set up and that. before this install I had vanillah Arch (only for a week) with i3, grub, mkinitcpio and had no issues. Anyways I’ll leave that, going to have to make a post later asking for help. Worse case scenario I’ll just reset the config and use it like I was using it on Arch before. I do love EnOs’ implementation of i3 though. lol yeah it’s wicked!


Granted, I’m just a step above Noob, but I’ve never dealt with .pacnew files. My EOS installs have gone fairly smooth (a bit of a learning curve, and Yes, I’ve had to ask a few questions), but I opted for the default systemd-boot with dracut. I’ve settled in on the Cinnamon desktop, just as you say about i3, “I just love the simplicity of it”. For me, Cinnamon just works.

Welcome back and enjoy!!

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Welcome back! :smile:

One rule of thumb for those files: if their name starts with eos- then it is safe to use eos-pacdiff (and meld) for selecting and picking the new features into your existing *.conf file. These eos-* files typically include some small improvements.

Certain system files however are such that you should not touch them if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. For example, /etc/passwd is one of those files. :wink:

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Hi Mark,

lol sorry can I just clarify. You’re saying that you’ve never edited or done anything with your .pacnew or .pacsave files?

hahaha Was just thinking na it can’t be that you don’t need to deal with them anymore as part of system maintenance.

Hi Manuel and cheers mate.

lol other day I was being an idiot and was trying to install gentoo. got halfway and stuck. Not sure where I’ve heard about system files but you know what? You saying that has kind of broken down the issue a bit and has made it more believable lol to me that I can handle them.

Like you said, if it’s system files related to core components of the OS, then unless I’m sure and willing to fix my computer I won’t touch them before confirming on here.

Thank you very much!

lol some things may seem obvious lol and they probably are… but unless a person thinks about it in the correct way and know, then they don’t know.

There’s a lot of things I don’t know and probably never will no matter how hard i think about it. :rofl:

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haha Hiya Rick!

Just about to go out, drop my son off.

Hope you’ve been good!

he your neighbour?

Everyone’s a neighbour. We all just live far apart! :wink:

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i mean you still have his son…

Sometimes you have to look after the neighbours kids too. :wink: Or pets!

lol I wish. He lives with his mum.

i never asked who he lived with it made me curious why he got your son

Hi @rudy-in

apologies I’m still lost.

who is ‘he’?


It was just a misunderstanding.

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