Resume after suspend/sleep makes temperature crazy

i`m running a msi laptop katana gf66 i7 11800h with rtx 3070m
i had just braveAUR open with few tabs with youtube lichess gmail and an anime episode,i left my laptop for lunch and when i resume the session temperature went crazy
those are my power settings:

if you need any log i can try to reproduce it, let me know,
is a fresh install(1 week)
DE: kde

ps: if i press power button nothing happens

My laptop overheats if I’m not using wayland. It has an nvidia card and it heats up with nothing open just the desktop.

hi guys the problem still there, i have noticed, the laptop starts heating up and the fans will not start, at some point the laptop just shut down by itself, when i re power the machine on boot the fans is active (like while gaming) straight from the boot, and fsck is running, where i can find the log from last session, i’ve cheked var/logs but there is all symbols and stuff i cant understand

Here are you commands, please share output here: