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So, I have Nvidia cards on a couple machines and really thinking about switching to AMD. This week I’ve been working a lot - installing (and re-installing) EOS on an older machine. I’m coming to ARCH based after using Debian and Debian-based for years.

I have an old HP Z820 machine that I love, that we kind of refurbished and running the latest bios (which isn’t that new). When we rebuilt this a few years ago we put in a old but decent 1 GB Nvidia card we had and it works fine. EOS originally installed the nouveau driver which worked fine but I wanted to try to install the Nvidia driver. Long story short, The “Nvidia User” button on the welcome screen got me through the process. The only driver available for Linux is that 390.xx but guess I’m happy that’s even available and it does work fine.

Thanks Endeavour for thinking to put that Nvidia User button on the Welcome screen! That’s brilliant.

Does anyone have a favorite resource for looking up AMD video card compatibility on old hardware? Probably going to go only 1 or 2 GB card. I’m new to this forum and thought I’d start my research here.

Sorry this post is so long. And thanks for reading it.

About nvidia: you can use command

nvidia-driver-supported-branches -a

to find supported nvidia drivers.

But yes, open source support by Nvidia is lacking, thus many Linux users prefer AMD or Intel GPUs.

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Thanks Jonathon, I’ll go through that information.

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