Resolution question

The best screen resolution I can pick with nvidia drivers installed is 1920x1080
I just installed arch vm and noticed that resolutions up to 5120x2160 are available.
I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong with my endeavour install or if that’s normal.
I hope that makes sense

If by “arch vm” you mean virtual machine, then disregard what you see there. When using a VM it will often give you options that aren’t actually possible, or better yet, don’t accurately represent the capabilities of what your physical device can do.

So, if your physical device’s maximum resolution is 1920x1080, then that is the best you can get on an actual install of an operating system.

Furthermore, if your phyiscal screen is anything less than 22 inches, trust me, you do not want to have a 5120x2160 resolution. :sweat_smile:

Thanks. Thats kinda what I thought, but I was confused as usual LOL

Glad I could help. :+1:

That reminds me “Install more RAM” meme :rofl: