Resolution issue on the lightdm-greeter

Hello guys,
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I have an issue with the resolution of the my lightdm configuration, I went to the lightdm.conf and I tried to modify few options there about the resolution of it but that did not work, after that i’ve been trying to perform different processes there that I googled but I was not able to find anything useful, so can anybody here help me? I’m using Mate btw

You did not tell us which issue you have.

In fact you post does no contain any useful information: No exact problem statement. No exact explanation of what you tried to solve it.

Well he did, lightdm-greeter shows 4:3 resolution, while it’s 16:9 screen

P.S. btw if i can see this camera through that patch…camera can see through it as well :rofl:

When logged in is the screen proper? What resolution do you have set. Should be 1920x1080 in system, preferences, hardware, display.

lol, believe me, the camera can see through ( I made sure of it :wink: )

Well, after try a lot of tricks that either I found on the internet or and just do it by myself, I think that the issue is in the grub resolution, cause when I log off from my current session, the lightdm set itself to the right screen resolution, but when and I restart the computer and boots up and it gets to the lightdm the resolution goes back in the incorrect way it was, so I tried to change the grub resolution going to the grub file in /etc/default/grub and so far the issue remains, so do you know something else that I can do in order to change the resolution of my grub configuration?

In /etc/default/grub you changed the resolution to 1920x1080 i assume. Did you run sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg to update it first?

not coming form Grub
coming from xrandr ( detection link video )

should also work for single display in this case…

Thank you so much for your answers, I tried all the ways that I could before @joekamprad posted that video and I switch to kde using sddm, the next time I’ll use the procedure of this video