Request: Please respect the users choice of wallpapers!

It’s so annoying to restart your machine after a update and see a different wallpaper than the one you have chosen. So could you please, please please stop doing this? Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please describe better your issue, so the developers can take a look at it and try to solve it:

  • Your OS version and DE
  • Which packages were updated
  • Your previously selected wallpaper (default or custom)
  • Any additional info that you think could be relevant

I’ve been using EndeavourOS with Cinnamon DE for about 3 weeks (yeah, not much time enough) and didn’t have this issue… yet! :partying_face:

The wallpaper change happened with the recent Gnome 41 to 42 upgrade. One of Gnomes new features was being able to switch between light and dark styles system wide with just one simple toggle. That feature was also accompanied by switching between light and dark style wallpapers from I believe gnome-backgrounds so for users like myself that upgraded and had that package, the default style was set to the light style which in term enabled a light style wallpaper to accompany it. It’s a Gnome design choice. But thankfully it’s quick to switch back your wallpaper.

And don’t worry about only being around for 3 weeks, that’s a good chunk of time. Some users only spend a day before distro hopping elsewhere. Hopefully in another 3 weeks you can say it’s only been 6 weeks. Rinse and repeat till you’re first year :wink:


I think more info is needed… Did this change of wallpaper happen on your ‘actual desktop’ - or only on your display when the login screen shows? Different possible causes, and probable fixes…

Personally, my actual wallpaper has never been messed with, but the login screen wallpaper changes with each new ISO-related update.

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@Scotty_Trees, I’ve guessed that the issuse came from DE instead of EndeavourOS itself and it seems to be like that.

Yeah, Distro-hopper Anonymous, one day at a time! :partying_face:

I’m pretty sure I’ll stay with this great distro for a long time. On Windows there was a maintenance task that I didn’t like and needed to run almost every year: Format and reinstall to get the system running smoth again. I know that doesn’t apply on Linux… Long live to Linux and EOS.

I didn’t notice this, because I have auto login enabled.

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Never thought of that - as I never enable auto-login - for a couple of reasons…

  1. I never have to think about what I was just doing when someone drops in - it remains unseen :grin:
  2. I have the ‘expire time’ set fairly high, so if I need to re-login it tells me how long I was daydreaming without noticing! (or gone).
  3. It lets me start off each ‘session’ with a feeling of accomplishment and success - I remembered my password! (and how to use it). All good.
  4. Easy thing to hang a screen shutdown on…
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Ok, DE is KDE, but I don’t think that matters.
It seems to happen at every “major” update. I already had the issue when Atlantis was released. I guess the problem is that a new default wallpaper is released and the filename is the same as the old one.

It matters, as well as the exact filename and path of the file you had set.
You would help if you provided more details.

IMHO when a new wallpaper (not logo) file is intended to be renewed/changed, it should have a different/new file name, or else it should be stated as EnOS policy that those might change without notice, so the users won’t be frustrated.
But it is the developers who will decide this :person_shrugging: .

Generally speaking, your wallpaper shouldn’t get overwritten. However there are a few exceptions that I am aware of.

  • Sometimes a DE upgrade will reset wallpaper settings and your wallpaper will get reset to the DE default. This is a DE issue and outside of our control.
  • If you use the default, distro-provided wallpaper, when the package updates, your wallpaper will be updated to the latest version of the default wallpaper. In my opinion, this is the appropriate behaviour in this situation.
  • If you change wallpaper by overwriting the distro-supplied wallpaper when the packages updates it will overwrite your wallpaper. I can’t imagine anyone would do it this way, but if you are, you are doing it wrong. :wink:

It would help if you could clarify exactly what is happening and what your wallpaper is being reset from/to.


Well, found a screenshot, that’s the one I had set before the update yesterday:

I checked usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds but it’s not there anymore.

The one I got after the update was this one or at least a similar one (I think it said Apollo? Can’t really remember 'cause I immediately changed it)

So I guess it’s this then. Although I don’t agree that’s the “appropriate behavior” on a rolling distro.

Anyway, it’s usually not a big deal, if I could at least switch back to the wallpaper I had. But as I said, it seems like it’s gone.

You can download it from here if you would like it back:


You can also install all of the EndeavourOS wallpapers from the welcome application as well.

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joy of rolling :wink: :innocent: all walpaper on endeavouros github if remember right , so easy get any old endeavouros wallpaper back if no want all.


Appears you’re just using the distro default but you can totally set it to whatever you want and it will stay that way. You should be able to go into KDE Plasma settings and change it as desired.

If you navigate to /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds you will find two folders:


You may find that one you want in one of those folders.