[REQUEST] A new Beta Release to Help Address any Elusive Bugs Before Final

Would greatly improve quality of monthly final release. Interested members of our community could spin beta EOS in a VM, Install some of their favorite programs; do as they normally would, and report back! :blush: :+1:

Noticed the new luks patch, a perfect opportunity for feedback (imo).

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Hi @Computer, just a reminder from this Announcement :

Two monthly release

Time management is still an issue in the team, to keep the distro still rolling without losing our sanity and cause havoc in our day to to day lives, we decided to go for a two monthly release, instead of the current monthly release.

Devs and Mods are testing for the next release, there is no versionning, we will call it Febuary Iso for now ! Then for sure, we will be attentive to your feedback about it to make the next version still better. You have also this Bug Report space which is important for us.


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like that of calamares

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il y a des Calamars en Bretagne ? :fishing_pole_and_fish:

oui et la morue

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Il y a même des phoques, j’en ai vu un en faisant du masque, il y a longtemps ! :otter:

Mais pas vu de manchot ! :penguin:

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ils sont ici :joie:

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J’ai une question, Mesa Arch c’est en rapport avec le Parc en Utha ?

Papa fume une pipe.