Replacing Other Linux by Endeavour Under LUKS

I currently have a dual-boot Windows and Manjaro encrypted with LUKS. So when I boot my pc, I input my LUKS password and then get prompted to GRUB. I am wondering how would I replace Manjaro with Endeavour properly. I intend to keep using LUKS. I will be starting from scratch and will not be migrating Manjaro.

I did boot on USB and was able to access the Manjaro partition after entering my LUKS key.

Here is a little back story for some fluff. I have not bothered replacing Manjaro yet because I only use my laptop during work to play music, browse the net and stream games from my desk. I am getting quite tired of updates messing up my system and having to fix it.

I would re-install your system using EOS Atlantis ISO online option with encryption.


Practice in a VM first if you are unsure.


If you aren’t preserving any data, just let EndeavourOS replace the existing luks partition. You don’t need to re-use it.


Awesome, I will just replace it then since I saved the data on an external HDD already. I might as well replace the windows partition while I’m at it and double-check what’s on there. I used to play R6S and PUBG on the go, but I have not played those games in years.


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