Replacing KDE Plasma with Qtile

I want to replace KDE Plasma with Qtile. What is the easiest way to change it? Can I do it simply with a terminal or do I have to completely start over? Is there a way on the Welcome Endeavour OS pop up that maybe can switch them?

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easy way install arcolinux tweak tool or hard core dt os qtile nice WM enjoy :star_struck:

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Thank you! :grin:

this is arch grab all enjoy fun

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You can easily install qtile alongside plasma and choose at the login session.

Just follow arch wiki.

If you want to remove plasma you have to be careful not to remove packages that could create conflicts in your system…

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Welcome to the purple space:
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Read the wiki :wink:

Note that we don’t support 3rd party tools like arcolinux tweak tool or DT OS


Thank you!

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This helped, thank you! Qtile is installing now :slight_smile: