Replace xapps with community/xapp? [SOLVED]

Hi everybody,

I was doing my regular “sudo pacman -Syu” on my Xfce machine today when I received this message just after the repositories were refreshed:

:: Starting full system upgrade…
:: Replace xapps with community/xapp? [Y/n]

First time I see this (the second line) and googling didn’t return anything. The only x-thing I remember installing today was xchess from AUR (I don’t know if it’s relevant).

Out of caution, I didn’t proceed with the above, awaiting for your input.

Thanks for any feedback!


As long as pacman accepts it [Y/n], so do I and there will be no problems.
Proceed calmly with Enter.


It’s just a name change for the package. It used to be called xapps, but now it’s called xapp.


It looks like you installed xapps-git from the aur. I can’t find an arch package or AUR package called xchess . There are many packages that depend on xapps so it may have been pulled in by one of those. xapp was added to the arch linux community repository yesterday by the same maintainer as xapps-git. I believe they accepted the aur package in to the community. Since arch linux likes to keep things simple (and within their repositories) it is asking if you want to replace the AUR version for the official community repository package.

More here:


Yes you’re right, my mistake. The package from AUR was chessx.


So I pressed Enter, proceeded with updates, and everything went fine.

Thank you all for your quick and friendly answers; much appreciated!


Thanks for posting this, i to did a search before installing lol. I just hit Y to install and all is good. :slight_smile: