Replace hwids with core/hwdata? [Y/n]

I just got this message, after starting an update via yay

:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace hwids with core/hwdata? [Y/n]
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...

I used google / ArchWiki / EndeavourOS Forum and searched for hwids and hwdata but I couldn’t find anything telling me if I should replace one package with the other one.

In the end I pressed [Y] (after creating a Timeshift snapshot) but I’d like to understand what I just did and what happened to my system.

Can anyone help me?


sometimes a package get renamed or splitted or merged…

this case a rename of a change… it goes about identity’s hardware…


Thank you! :slight_smile:

A little bit on [Y/n]: [SOLVED] Pacman Update - Replace hwids with core/hwdata?.


Is it safe to say (umm pun not intended) that you probably almost always want to just accept the default action (yes)?
I can only remember a couple of times where i wanted to do something different (and yes, then I answer no and my update aborts while I go do my alternate solution).


Unless you don’t, then yes. :rofl:

For example, when removing a bunch of packages, you want to inspect the list of packages that are going to get removed. Sometimes you might want to reply with no.

However, there is one specific case where you should almost always answer yes, when running sudo pacman -Syu. If you answer no, your local package database was already updated, and you didn’t update, so if you install any package now, that going to be a partial update scenario. In other words, answering “no” when running sudo pacman -Syu is the same as running sudo pacman -Sy and you should typically never run -Sy without -Su.

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