Replace eos-update-notifier with pamac notification

I just installed pamac-aur-git and am wondering if the “Updates available” yad dialog can be replaced with a pamac system notification. I don’t yet know how the yad dialog runs, but I did see /usr/lib/systemd/system/pamac-daemon.service, which seems like what I’m looking for on the pamac side.

The pamac notification will come up in the task bar depending on what desktop you have installed or panel. The eos-update-notifier is in the endeavouros repo. Both come up on my system at different times and if it’s already updated it will know when you run it.

Edit: I don’t recommend you replace it because it runs pacman update which is far superior to pamac.

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Thanks for the input, @ricklinux! Much appreciated. :partying_face:

It’s fine to use pamac as it is a gui tool but pacman is far more reliable and more powerfull and is the package manager on Arch based system.

Edit: I use mostly pacman and yay because yay also does the AUR. I do have pamac installed but it’s my last choice.

pamac-tray should be in autostart if you want something in panel

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If you installed pamac you would need pamac-aur-tray-appindicator-git for the tray notifications on updates. You don’t really need the appindicator, when Endeavour update notification pops up open pamac if that’s want you want for updating. Add pamac to the panel if you don’t want to go through the application menu.

are those appindicaters not for kde ? pamac-tray should be already there, kde uses no tray like xfce

I like how pamac’s tray thing lists the packages available for update. I understand there are multiple ways of doing things, and as argued many times by many people in many places, everyone has their preferences.

Thanks for the input! :partying_face:

I replaced yad in the title with eos-update-notifier based on @ricklinux’s input.

After fiddling with things for a while, I still haven’t managed to get the pamac tray icon to display, and have decided it isn’t worth it to me right now. My main complaints about eos-update-notifier are that I have to “run” it to see what the updates are, and how frequently it tells me there are updates. For now, I will live with both. Maybe I will investigate the eos-update-notifier's schedule at some point, but not today or in this thread.

Thanks to all who replied! :partying_face:

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you can use whatever you like to notify for updates, if you want to use pamac, then simple uninstall eos-update-notifier and make use of the one from pamac.

For KDE Plasma, you may use Discover with “packagekit-qt5”.
Then new update notifications are shown in tray.

Was about pamac, kde uses statusnotifier as tray, pamac uses the classic systray support, for kde you need then the appindicator to make pamac tray working. Im also curius what xfce do in future, in aur you have a statusnotifier plugin and that counts also for gnome with statusnotifier extentions. But that discover need packagekit qt5 is normal :+1: with out it you searching plugins and sddm themes only.

Yes, of course, pamac and Discover are so close.
I"m just a Synaptic nostalgic.

Pamac is a different beast also qt, im more a tkpacman gui fan, and yes synaptic clone but direct pacman :upside_down_face:

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Just installed tkpacman.
It seems to do the job.
I tell you after playing some days enough with it.

Please look at here how to configure:


@manuel Thank you very much! Both of my frustrations have now been addressed! :partying_face:

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Thank you, tkpacman is just what I want.

With, I can browse software by categories, see which files are installed and which packages need update; just like synaptic does.

for aur i use pkgbrowser :slight_smile: just browse more not + aur

Until now, I have only one package from AUR.
tkpacman is sufficient for me.
Even if pkgbrowser is KDE compliant, is coming from AUR too.
I prefer to be cautious with AUR package, and when you began with such package you don’t know where it stops.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: