Repair Distro?

My connection was wonky, still I tried to update my Manjaro install. Now my machine doesn’t get its @$$ up anymore. I’ve heard about recovery distros that run from USB stick and let you access your system in order to save your precious files n stuff.
Q: Is that even possible? And what’s the name of such a program?
Thx for your friendly help. :wink:

If your intention is only to recover your files, you could basically use any Linux ISO on a bootable USB to access the disk where you have your system.

If your disk is intact (hopefully it is), you could in principle just use the file manager included in the live ISO to mount it and access your files. Or do it via terminal.

If your intention is to try to repair/recover your Manjaro system, I would think using a Manjaro ISO is preferable. If I am not mistaken, the deploy their own tool for chrooting and the like.


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Will try it asap. Thank you.

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Good Luck!

I’m too stupid. Booted into Manjaro, am now on desktop, but can’t find my folders anywhere. I’m looking for 2 folders with photos and text files I don’t wanna lose. What’s the trick to find them and copy them onto external storage?
They were directly on desktop, not hidden somewhere.

I think that is understandable. You did not boot from your system, therefor not using the settings of your system with regards to desktop icons. The files should still be there, on your mounted hard drive. You might need to check your files from a file manager (like Dolphin for Gnome). Check which file manager your booted Desktop Environment uses, open it and browse the files on your mounted drive (not the USB stick).

Open the file manager.
On the left pane, I guess, look for other drives, devices or some such.
Identify you disk and click on it to mount it in the file manager.
Now navigate through your folders.

If that won’t work, from the live session, post the output of lsblk -f and indicate the disk where your system is. Let’s see if we can walk you through all the way to your photo folders.

Got it, saved my folders! Pheeww.
Thanks so much guys, you’re the bestest Linux forum evarr!!! :heart_eyes:
And that’s why I’m staying here, eventhough I went back to Manjo. :star_struck:

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Glad you got it sorted out!