Rendering Problem (and additional noob question regarding optimization)

Hi guys,

First of all, sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum or topics.

I’d like to ask regarding rendering problem that I’m currently facing while playing video games on Steam.

I was using KDE, mostly on Wayland (don’t remember gaming on X11).

I almost exclusively playing CRPG games (i.e. Pillars of Eternity, Pathfinder etc.)

The issue that I’m currently having is that, something in my system isn’t rendering cursor correctly.

In one of the game (Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous), the cursor are just straight up broken, it looks like this (2nd pic):

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - mouse cursor not rendered correctly · Issue #5355 · ValveSoftware/Proton · GitHub

In other game like Pillars of Eternity or Disco Elysium, the cursor are somehow darker, like the cursor has lower gamma compared to the rest of the game (I don’t have the screenshots for this unfortunately). And somehow, the cursor has different framerate than the game (it doesn’t affected by game stutter, as it is often the case for proton-injected games) and seems like its "existing in different layer of “existence”.


My personal theory, is that, something is not right with the window compositor.

You see, I try this software called “gamescope” to play games on fullscreen in windowed setting. I used this specifically on Dragon Age 2, because apparently it’ll somehow fix some of its compatibility problem (it does not). When using gamescope, surprisingly, the cursor color back to its normal form, the cursor looks normal and within the same plane of existence with the game (previously, I noticed the cursor has different framerate than the game, when using gamescope, if they game stutter, the cursor also stutter).

I haven’t been able to test gamescope with other game, because there are no reason to use it on other game.


I have switched back to Windows since last weekend (I know, I know…) but having using Arch for 2 weeks (more or less), as an operating system, clearly it’s far superior. I definitely love using it (I made a habit of opening terminal and typing sudo pacman -Syu every 2 minutes lol, and I love almost every application I need is just a sudo pacman -Ss or yay -Ss away), BUT, in term of gaming, for personally, it’s shaky. It is plug and play in some of the game, but then it have problems, I spent more hours fixing it rather than… gaming.

I’m watching closely to Gnome 43 development and planning to try again using Endeavour when Gnome 43 released.


I would LOVE to hear from you guys if any of you have a potential fix for this, and also, if you have a must install software to make gaming much more bearable on Linux, please, please, share with me lol (yes, I have installed all the software on the 2 guide on the forum and EOS blog).

Thank you!

ps. sorry if my english is somewhat incoherent, not native speaker.

ps. I’m using AMD system, AMD chip 3400G and AMD card 6500 XT.

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Maybe give them a go on X11 and see if they run. Also have a look on protondb’s homepage for any workarounds that others have used for these games.

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Thank you for the warm welcome!