Removing playout and other programs that can't be removed with pacman

Hi! New to the forum over here. I apologize in advance if this is somewhat of a dumb question, here it goes:

So I’ve recently installed endeavor os (i3) and I really like it. Best part of it I think is how much I’m learning from the config files, just learned a way to force apps to open to a specific workspace! :smiley: Anyway while I was playing with the things it came I noticed a few programs such as “Playout”, Mplayer and others that I never heard of. I tried em and well, quite neat, i guess. I, still wanted it out of my system, cmus and ncmpcpp exist after all. So, when I tried to uninstall Playout, but it couldn’t be done via pacman. I also checked if I could get info about the program per se, but couldn’t find anything, I assumed it was some kind of niche script (its actually a binary file, quite an interesting thing). So, if I can’t exactly uninstall it with pacman which the proper way then? Again, I really apologize for my amateurism, I never actually have uninstalled anything built from source actually :sweat_smile:

Another question? What really is playout? is it some niche suckless mp3 player? I couldn’t anything nor on google nor on the archwiki about it and it also caught my curiosity.

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The command pacman -Qo will tell you what package that playout is a part of.

$ pacman -Qo /usr/bin/playout                                                                                                                     
/usr/bin/playout is owned by gst-plugins-bad-libs 1.18.3-1

If it is important to you to remove, you can remove the package gst-plugins-bad-libs but that is likely a dependency for something else which you would also need to remove.

This command will show you pactree -r gst-plugins-bad-libs will show you what depends on it.


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I messaged you about this on discord but probably you haven’t checked.

playout is not EnOS specific

yay -F /usr/bin/playout                                                      
usr/bin/playout is owned by extra/gst-plugins-bad-libs 1.18.3-2

You can use this command to find out which package a file belongs to. Hope this answers your ques.

Edit: Mark dalto’s post as answer. My screen didn’t update or something, I went on to post the same thing.


Thanks! I’ll try that, tho, haven’t never heard of that package before. It also explains why I was unable to find anything on the arch wiki. Gonna also check the dependencies, kinda curious on what program uses this (certainly not ncmpcpp for sure)

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It is probably required by gst-plugins-bad. If nothing else requires that it should be safe to remove both.


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