Removing os-prober

I am new to Endeavour and have it installed on a SSD in a USB hub to try it our and so far very pleased, my main drive has Arch installed.
Having never used os-prober and not wanting it can anyone advise the best method to remove it without causing problems.

If you want to remove it, just remove it like any other package, won’t cause any issue.
sudo pacman -Rns os-prober

Many thanks for the fast reply, it does indeed remove os-prober and unfortunately grub-tools, it did not cause any problems.

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Whichever package was removed along with os-prober, if you need them, you should be able to pull them individually without any hassle.

I disable os-prober in /etc/default/grub with

# @gohlip :-) 30_os-prober

for linux-multiboot using custom.cfg .