Removing EOS from RPI4

Well, I am sadly removing EOS off of my RPI4 as to run Home Assistant on it as HA refuses to work consistently on my OPI3LTS. I don’t know if it is because I have 150+ IOT WiFi/BT items floating around in the apartment or what. However, it has been a pain trying to get it to work. So I am switching out EOS for Debian (I assume is what they use). I continue to use EOS on my RPI400 and it works really good except for waking up from sleep. I have tried turning this off to no luck, but a quick ssh and kill xorg works. Also, I have made $5.60 just letting earnapp running in the background.

Raspberry pi OS is based on Debian.

You can’t dual boot on ARM on one storage device.

So just install Home Assitant over EOS.


I am just going to use the HA image from their site as using HA on EOS does not allow me to use their add-ons as it is a container setup and a supervised setup is not recommended. Whereas using their pre-configured RPI4 image is setup with the add-ons setup.

Last time i check, supervised is not recommended because you need to keep updated yourself Raspberry pi OS. I use supervised for 2/3 years at this point without problem. But its definitively more work to setup than they’re own os.