Removing DEs

Today I felt rather proud of myself.

A few months after installation I remembered that during installation one is offered the possibility to install EOS with several DEs, but I only chose Cinnamon.

So I referred to the EOS page where Bryan explains how to install other DEs. I installed XFCE, Gnome and deepin. I preferred deepin as an alternative to Cinnamon, so I wanted to remove XFCE and Gnome. When I tried it with yay -Rs <package name>, it could not be done because of dependencies in common use. Oh boy, what did I get into.

Today I tried the daily update I do with yay, but it could not install from repositories. Oh no, more sh*t.

No panic. I looked at the ArchWiki pacman page, where this possibility is mentioned:

yay -Rsu <package name>

which can be tried when the -Rs option refuses to run when removing a group which contains otherwise needed packages.

And yes, it worked without a hitch for both XFCE and Gnome. I could then run my daily update too without any problems.

This avoided me from asking on this forum. :+1: :grinning: