Remove remove qt5ct?

I just installed the full Plasma desktop. I am considering installing kde-applications too.
On the webpage it mentions *remove qt5ct *, which is a tool to configure qt apps in gtk environments.

Should I remove qt5ct no matter what or only if I install kde-applications?

Just an opinion, the package qt5ct is currently 651.9 KB when installed.
Is it worth reclaiming that 1/2 a meg to even ask the question? (I know knowledge is a good thing, but sometimes picking up that one grain of sand really doesn’t help build a dam) Yes, I know…many grains of sand will a sand dune build.

From the way it is phrased on that webpage, viz. tool to configure qt apps in gtk environments, I don’t get the impression it has anything to do with space. Its removal seems to be necessary for certain configurations. I don’t know what “qt apps” and “gtk environments” are.

I am not an expert on qt, so this remains an opinion. I believe it’s an optional component related to styling when running in a foreign environment (non-qt). If you’re running Plasma, you are running in a native environment and it serves no obvious function.
My point was…simply…it’s so small, why worry about it? It should cause no harm in any case.

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It shouldn’t matter if it is installed or not.

However, you probably don’t want it set in your environment.

What do you mean by “my environment”?

The stuff you see when you use the command env in a terminal.

The output of env | grep -i qt would be interesting.

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Isn’t that the same for everyone using Plasma?


@dalto Here it is:


No qt5ct so that should be fine.

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OK, it is good to have established that. Many thanks.

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