Remove Printer error notification on desktop

Hi all,
I installed EndeavourOS to my PC. Everything is running smooth but it took me a long time to get my networked HP LaserJet P1102w to be recognized and to print properly. It turned out that I did not have a proper hplip.plugin. Now that I have the printer working properly, there is a notice box on the top right hand side of the desktop that says "Printer error; HP-LaserJet-Professional-P1102w:’ hplip.plugin’.

I wonder if anyone has this issue and how do I go about making this notification disappear permanently.
Thank you.

See if this helps: Printer Woes

I had printer problems as well… Dunno if it’s the exact fix, but it’s a start…

Thanks Ze_Mind for forwarding the threads. My printer works OK now. It is just the nuiscance with the notification regarding printer error every time that I log into EndeavourOS. I just have to click it and the warning goes away.

I wish that I could go to somewhere in the operating system to remove it. Best regards.

Yeah, those can be buggy…

What DE are your running? I’m running KDE Plasma.

I am running XFCE.