Remove Antergos Packages or Migrate to EndeavorOS?

Hello Everyone,

As the Antergos project comes to an end, I was curious if it was better to remove the Antergos packages and have closer to an Arch system, or perform the migration and try EndeavorOS?

I don’t want to start over from scratch on my system as I have customized it and got it working pretty much exactly how I want. But I am concerned about long term support for issues and things that may come up that are releasedf rom the Arch repos.

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to everyone for yorur time and help, it is greatly appreciated!


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First off - welcome
it’s all about personal preference. Some will migrate and spend days on removing antergos related stuff - others prefer to start over fresh and spend days on cutomizing shit again :slight_smile:

If you’re using only a wm I’d start over fresh. back-up all configuration files and move them over to the new system - and within minutes everything looks like it used to.

There is no right or wrong answer to your question.

I migrated from Antergos to Arch to Endeavour and now I have fresh installs of Endeavour. I didn’t find it difficult to remove Antergos and migrate but like you say to each their own. I don’t keep them long enough that’s my problem. I’m turning into a desktop hopper from a distro hopper. :roll_eyes:

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I used to be the same. Once I settled on Arch I tried all kinds of enviroments -changed all the time. But once I got into tiling - everything just felt like it all should be. Used a couple of years until I settled down. I think it’s normal to explore all the different stuff Linux has to offer.

There is nothing more unatural than holding a rodent while dragging windows :rofl:

I wish i was proficient on tiling managers also. I like the idea of i3 or others.

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We all started out somewhere. No one is an expert from the first day. i3 - within a week you’re comfortable :slight_smile:

What only make sense is, Rolling Release never need to re-install…but depends :slight_smile: You can move eventually to Endeavouros and keep the fresh iso as backup… if you feel more comfort intoo thats fine.

In my case i just commented antergos repo and added endeavouros’. Only later i removed some of antergos packages, but not all of them.

OBS: I’m not a cleaning maniac, so i don’t bother if my system is not that clean/beatifull.

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Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback. Another question as I’m thinking through things, is there an automated way to migrate to Endeavor? AKA that will remove all the correct antergos packages, and all the correct Endeavor packages, and basically retain all my configs? Or is the best way to do this, is still to do it manually by hand?

Thanks again to everyone for your time and help regarding my questions, it is greatly appreciated!

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@joekamprad - Bumping this back up, is there an automated script for migration from Antergos To EndeavorOS?

Anyone else who may have walked through this experience, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

Is what I can provide.
A complete script is not good to use, as it may fail caused by changes and you do not see what it is doing.
Follow the tutorial step by step and read the output of every command, if something fail, ask me. I know already that endeavour mirrorlist and key ring changed so I need to update the links

I can give you this when I am at home later.
But I will also update the tutorial.

Thanks sir, I will wait for your confirmation on when the tutorial is updates.

Also, is there a good means of backing up (or taking a snapshot) of my system currently before I start the migration? Just in case something goes south, I want to make sure I can get back to a working state without too many problems.

Thanks again for all of your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

sure a backup is the minimum, better 3 on different places :wink: i jzúst update the tutorial, and feel free to ask me if you need some hint !

Sure, I have more backup questions. But I’ll post my questions there.

just ask the doc will be there :wink:

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