Removable devices


when I plugin a removabe device (USB drive, USB stick, Mobile) a dialog pops up and asking, what to do. In this dialog, I’m asked to open the device with EasyTAG. :thinking:

EasyTAG was the last application I’ve installed manually.

Can I change this to Files somewhere? EasyTAG is not the best application for this operation.

When I use the Removable Drive Menu Extension ist the behaviour the same, but I can use the exetensions top menu:


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When you connect your drive, ignore the Notification Center and and that wants to open the Tag Editor. Instead, once plugged in, open Nautilus, select your drive, and inside your drive right click on the main folder (in my case I right click on ‘Phone’), and select “Open With Other Application”

Screenshot from 2022-08-16 12-08-43

Select Nautilus from the list and click “Select” and from now on when you insert that drive, it should now default to the Notification Center asking you if you want to open it with Nautilus or not.
Screenshot from 2022-08-16 12-09-02


Thanks! That’s what I was looking for.

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No worries, I came across this issue as well maybe like a week or so ago, but luckily it’s a very easy fix! Happy to help out, enjoy using EndeavourOS :wink:

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