Reinstalling --needed packages from livecd

I made the silly mistake of trying to debloat (using instructions from the arch wiki) and mistakenly missed not adding the --needed tag to the list of things that i would exclude from removing with pacman. I rebooted to find a screen loading two things (i cant read it cause of broken screen, but the third line is about not finding intel-ucode.img, and then saying to press any key to continue. The fan runs at full power and nothing happens whether i press any key or not regardless of the amount of time that passes. I am limited in resources, and only have an artix usb, so i boot livecd and learned how to mount drives, use chroot (neither artools-chroot, arch-chroot, eos-chroot, nor artix-chroot existed in booting through grub or the livecd) and connect to wifi through command line. yay success! i start reinstalling the --needed packages from pacman and all is going well, i exit and then reboot, to only find that im taken back to this same screen with nothing on it. I am peeved because i spent the last 3-4 hours on this problem and have made little progress, so at this point im frankly more interested in restoring any of my data. i would deeply appreciate any help on possibly extracting my documents or figuring out if i used chroot wrong, and thank you.

First, --needed just stops installed packages from being reinstalled. It doesn’t impact removing packages at all.

Your system is probably fixable but if you just want to extract documents that should be easy to do. Boot off the live ISO, mount your disks and copy the data to another device.

As a side note, if you tried to repair your system from a plain chroot and didn’t manually mount everything else needed for a fully functional chroot that may not be effective.

arch-chroot should definitely be available on the live ISO.

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