ReInstall OS Budgie DE- Mistyped username

Right now I know I goofed up.
My username on Old system is rocky-iv for /home folder

… and guess what I did on new reinstall >> I typed rocky-vi < | > so my home folder contents are empty!

Should I reinstall again or is there a simple fix to gain access to rocky-iv /home folder from Budgie desktop interface.


check out the ‘usermod’ and ‘groupmod’ commands - with examples on the net. Should be a simple fix if you log in as root, rather than as rocky-vi :grin:

OK - I’m back - couldn’t stay and clarify. (cooking is not among my skillset - with possible exception of BBQ)

OK - there is a command for changing things like usernames and uid’s. I am not sure that I have a complete picture of the situation, but if it is a simple oops, and nothing has been done elsewhere,

usermod -l login-name old-name

should change the name. Ownership of the correct /home entry may be another matter - so try it and let us know if the problem is solved.

To make this change, you login from a reboot as root (it may not work if there any services running in either new or old username), and enter the above command, substituting (I think I have this right) rocky-iv for login-name and rocky-vi for old-name. Then logout, and try to login as rocky-iv (new username) and see if all is well (/home/rocky-iv is present and containing what you expect - and

ls -la

shows you the right name as owner and group on the file listings.

It might all be fine!

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