Reinstall EndeavourOS with BTRFS

I posted this question over on Reddit, here’s the link if anyone prefers that medium

Title covers most of it, but here’s the longer version

I recently switched to EndeavourOS and I’m loving it, KDE, 5.8 Zen Kernel everything is working fine & smooth

But for a while now I’ve been interested in trying out BTRFS. My current setup is EXT 4, everything on one giant NVME. So I’d have to back-up stuff and reinstall from scratch, and I think I would need to be led through this process by the hand. I’m not sure where to begin with BTRFS but my understanding is that you can have separate partitions for like Root, and Home, etc. and not have them be a fixed size?

I do like to tinker, and it would be nice to be able to play around with my Linux install without having to back up my data to an external any time I wanted to try something new

We have an excellent copy and paste installation process in the wiki by @2000.


You can perform an in-place conversion from ext4 to btrfs. It works pretty well, and you don’t need to repartition or anything - everything will work in the same way, you’re just using btrfs instead.


You’re referring to subvolumes.

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I will try that , hopefully I understood that ( I think :grimacing: )

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Just make sure you have a backup. :wink:

Although, if you’d be reinstalling then that’s probably less of an issue. :grin:


Uses two backups , so no worry there :hugs:

Successfully tested conversion in a partition with two directories and 30 files encrypted with LUKS . Now I gonna try it in the partition where EnOS is installed :partying_face:

Wish Me Luck :innocent:

Edit ;

Task failed successfully :grimacing:

It throw an error

I’m not sure what the difference is…
I’m trying to learn, I know I’ve got a long way to go

There is this thing called Google. Also, Arch wiki.

…and there’s a a thing called the Arch Linux Forum, where those kind of comments belong; not here.

RTFM is not a standard reply in the EOS forum.


I researched btrfs and installed Arch with separate subvolumes for / and /home without being spoon-fed the answers. The information is out there, but people would rather not look it up for themselves anymore.

Why do you assume they haven’t done this already and need further assistance? Wouldn’t it be better to provide some assistance rather then tell them to RTFM?


I have it BTRFSonLUKS set up thanks to the wiki by @2000. I used the quick copy & paste version. I guess i was spoon fed. I would have difficulty to set this up the way he has it. I may understand some of it but there’s more to it than that. Not everyone knows bash shell commands and how to do this. I don’t think it’s normal to think that most users would know how to do this just by RTFM.

Anyway here is some info: Maybe it helps maybe it doesn’t?


Check out this thread here as well Installation on BTRFS

Still relevant…


This is one thing that bugs me about the Linux community in general.
No where has as prevalent this attitude of “I had to learn the hard way, so screw you, for wanting it easy”
I want to drive my car properly, not become a mechanic.
If I go to someone and ask “hey what grade of gas should I put in my car” they don’t yell at me to go read a chiltons manual, or take a course in Mechanical Engineering.

If I ask how to change a tire, or do a quick oil change, no one gets bent out of shape and tells me I should look up the blueprints for an internal combustion engine and figure it out myself

My computer is a device I want to use. I want my machine to work, and yes I’m interested in tinkering a little and tweaking to get better performance and features. That does not mean I should be berated for asking for help. what is wrong with wanting to learn fro mthe experience of others, to glean from their knowledge?

Ok now that that rant is out of the way, the rest of you have been super helpful, thank you, I’ve learned a LOT already, I just needed some pointing in the right direction, Sadly the Arch wiki and even so Man pages are liek reading greek to me sometimes, it just doesnt compute.

I think I have a better understanding now and I really appreciate everyones help


That’s why EndeavourOS is so awesome. We strive to have an easier install of Arch. Our goal is to help those like yourself enjoy learning to install, setup and tinker or tweak your own system. I hope the wiki for the quick copy & paste version of BTRFSonLUKS by @2000 was helpful. There are no stupid questions here and we do our best to try to help. I hope you are enjoying what you have accomplished so far. I will pass on any information i can as needed if i feel i can be helpful.


Well said :+1:

Reading stuff has always diffcultes my friend , hopefully youtube videos are here . All beginner’s guide should contain videos in my opinion .

Come on man, not cool.

Looks like a bug in btrfs-convert [1] [2].


So there is a chance I am going to try out Btrfs , thanks @Schlaefer