Regolith Desktop: I get logged out when I try to login

Did anyone try regolith-full? If you don’t know what it is check it out here:

It’s basically i3 + gnome session. App launchers etc are all baked in.

The thing is I installed regolith-full. It even made me uninstall beloved welcome. But when I select “regolith” in lightdm and try to login it just logs me out. Now I am again presented with lightdm login screen.

What gives?

From reading the AUR page you posted, it looks like it isnt compatible with the current version of gnome.

There is a potential workaround in one of the comments there though.


Yes this totally worked.

Run as root:

sed -i 's/--builtin //' /usr/bin/regolith-session
cp -r /usr/lib/systemd/user/{gnome-session\,gnome-session\}

Thank you!

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