Regarding the site

i must agree with @markoff on this one. Google specifically rates sites on the quality and speed of rendering of content in the first upper part of the screen. The so called “above the fold” content. They base this rating on the importance they see UX wise for this content.

Maybe this would be acceptable? Just shorten the image up to be a band across the top? Also move the EndeavourOs Logo to the left corner.

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Thank you for the suggestions. The issue you’re referring to is only one page, the rest of the pages look like @ricklinux picture.
I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not going to change the website.

Don’t know what changed in the last hour but top 1/4 of forum is showing nothing but code :thinking:

There has been an update on the forum software that obviously didn’t go well. I found the culprite and I’m working on it as we speak.

What DE is this?

This is Cinnamon desktop which is what i normally used on Antergos. I am using the Nimix square Icons and Numix frost theme. I have an Arch linux background for now.

Hey Bryan,
I didn’t realize you have this exact layout on the other pages. :laughing: I really don’t know what the issue is with the website as i don’t see an problem with it. I wouldn’t waste my energy to criticize the website as i’m more interested in EndeavourOS. How it installs, how easy it is to set up and add other software and the availability of other packages to set it up and make it unique. I’m interested in how easy and how fast this can be done and when it is done how well it works. Antergos to me was awesome. EndeavourOS has to be awesomer! It can be and it will be. It already has some things i like going for it. I never had an issue with cinchi and this offline installer is fine. I am waiting though to see the online installer that allows me to pick a desktop. My only concern is having an Arch centric install that’s easy and fast. So far I’m intrigued.

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Very good looking!!!

What about making the forum as homepage of the endeavoros project? As there are already the menus on the top right I think it’s not needed to have a separate start page and it will get the users directly to the discussions … Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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I was looking for a thread like this.
I’d like to say as far as forums go, I like vBulletin, but those are more gamer friendly, to me anyway, however, I see alot of features in this one that don’t seem to be available in other places I’ve been, and one feature really stuck out when I posted the picture of my desktop in the Conky thread…

The feature I speak of is how you can really zoom in on an image someone posts and see good detail of a desktop, and I think that’s really important for the site…ie click image twice!!!

What I don’t like, “Me personally” but I can deal with it, is if you open another link in the site looking for info, while your typing something in, that msg is on the page your looking for is the msg your working on.

Don’t misunderstand, I do like the site, you can’t please everyone…LMAO, It’s like being a DJ…
I’m simply putting a 1cent comment, if that, in there. I just find that part distracting, I’d rather go back to the tab I started the msg on than to fight for space in a different tab.

That’s really the only thing that ever bugged me about the antergos site is opening more tabs in the same site is knowing what your doing in another tab in the browser.
I’m not talking bad about the site, everyone will notice different things here or there, I’m just simply following the flow of the forum discussion is all :stuck_out_tongue:
But I’ll say again, that zoom on an image that’s posted Is really sweet & important in this type of forum.
There might not be a mouse gesture for it, but you can click that image twice and really blow it up :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not a terrible idea, though I think it would be better if the landing page was just an “about” page. Imagine if was just a markdown post explaining what the project is, with clear language and just 2 or 3 links, a link to the repository and a link to this forum.

I think the homepage as it is now could show a tagline like “What is endeavour’s mission” and a link to the download section, or maybe a direct link to the latest iso as the first things you see when you open up the page. This way you don’t come to a blank page where you need to scroll to see something besides a logo.

Ok, this thread is quite old, but I don’t think it is necessary to open a new one for this:
The “Info” Link in the navigation on the website has a target="_blank" and opens a new tab. Also it has a title-tag showing “Info” on mouseover. All other links in the navbar don’t do that, so I think that it shouldn’t be that way. :wink:
I would suggest that the link to the forum opens a new tab, as there is no obvious way back to the homepage. :slight_smile:
Maybe some “legal info” and “social media” (if there is any) in the footer of the Wordpress-Theme would be cool too? I saw that for the forum, but didn’t found it for the website?
Thank you for the great work! (OS and Website/Forum)

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@Bryanpwo ? i can have a look too :wink:

i feel the same.


There are some Terms of Service and privacy notes. No Social-media or legal info… I guess that came with the forum-software.

yes but no social media links or kind of linking to mastadon or telegram :wink:
we could link to that terms from startpage also…

Sounds great - at least to me. :+1:
…finally a reason to create a mastodon-account. :elephant:

The website and the forum are going to get a minor update by the end of the month, as for the linking to the legal notes and social media, I’m aware of that one, but since rules and regulations in the EU has changed on this, I have to make them according to the new rules and this one requires a little study on the small print.

@DevNul When you click on Home in the top bar of the forum, you’ll get redirected to the Homepage.


Yes, of course. :man_facepalming: Sometimes my glasses aren’t helping…