Refresh rate radeon gpu memclock

Depending on your monitor and GPU, mostly AMD GPUs, If you set the refresh rate to something like 144hz, the GPU memory clock gets stuck at the maximum.
This would cause the GPU temp and power usage to increase.

To confirm if you are affected by this, you can run radeontop and check for the memory clock frequency.
If its stuck at 100%, you are affected by this issue.

I fixed the problem here by not using 144hz anymore, 120hz works fine and this problem doesn’t happen.

This issue also happens in Windows.

Is that a recent bug in the kernel? Where is the source of info? Thanks.

It is not something new, its happening for a long time already…

Based on what I have read, it seems that most monitors uses an improper vblank interval to be able to run at 144hz.
This causes the GPU driver to run with mem clock at maximum frequency to improve stability.