Reflector-simple problem

Nah… :thinking:

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Why not? If you don’t want it then you can uninstall it but for those who don’t know any different they would be confused why the app doesn’t work. :man_shrugging:

I guess for a majority of users/newcomers you’re right. :wink:

It just adds to EnOS bloat, afaict… besides feeding my privacy-paranoiac criticalmente method of thinking. :laughing:

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Unfortunately that’s something that can’t totally be overcome and ones idea of bloat compared to another’s is on opposite sides of the spectrum. :thinking:

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But if it is a hard dependency, you can’t uninstall it.

I think it would be better if reflector simple worked even when it can’t discover the country.


Yes i understand your point. But I don’t know what all the options are. If it can work regardless of country would definitely be a plus.

Not necessarily. Picking your national or local mirrors is part of the deal. Isn’t it? Afaik, it is done manually through check-boxes, anyway?

I think the pre-selection based on one’s locale could do without any whois and geoip, while “privacy-conscious” users e.g. selecting UTC and English will know their way around all this, anyway. :wink:

As I said I don’t know how it’s set up but i feel it should be something that works if it’s something installed. :wink:

Totally agreed! :v:

Yeah, that was a bug to exit when the country was not discovered, and I fixed it yesterday.

Interesting that this was the first report of it to my knowledge.



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I don’t quite understand why complicate sorting mirrors with countries. Just measure all of them, and sort them according to performance and update status.

This is what rate-mirrors does.

For me, a bunch of mirrors in Croatia are actually slower than some in Germany or Austria, so any country input is a complete red herring.


yes we do think about this already… countries do cause issues all the time
We could use rate-mirrors for the GUI too i think.
Nothing should stay as it is … there is always a start to the better…

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In my opinion, for what it’s worth, any GUI solution for sorting mirrors should be very simple and minimalist. It shouldn’t be a yad monstrosity with 50 checkboxes and a dozen buttons.

Ideally, I imagine it as just a single big fat button that says: “Make me the best mirror list” (or something equivalent) and nothing else. The button runs some script that spits out the mirror list. Any customisation (if necessary, and it shouldn’t be) should be done by editing that script – the script should be well-written, with all the parameters extracted to variables in the beginning, and plenty of comments.

Sorting mirrors in the current year is not rocket surgery. :rofl:

Or we could just teach people to run rate-mirrors from the terminal, and skip this GUI nonsense altogether. :man_shrugging:t3:


that’s what the scripts do already i think… may not “that” butifully coded but working and easy to use …
And you know… we love some yad bloat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And the way the yad gui ius designed it is still teaching about what it does, what makes it a starting point to dive into using commandline … but went off the topic

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Before started this topic, I try: “sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack” I come from manjaro and I expected it to work.

They are too many :wink:

The only important user input is a list of countries, when geoip AI cannot find them.
As for the rest of the dream, it was offered months ago, but you prefer to reinvent the wheel :person_shrugging:
Maybe get some ideas reading the code. It’s just bash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

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Yeah, pacman-mirrors is only for Manjaro’s mirrors since they have their own mirror infrastructure.

Yer I get better mirrors from New Zealand even though I’m in Australia

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