Reflector-simple in the AUR

reflector-simple was in the AUR but was deleted by its maintainer today. I’ve re-added it to keep it secure along with an update from the PKGBUILD on GitHub (though it also depends on eos-bash-shared, which makes it less useful for vanilla Arch at the moment).

Let me know if anyone wants to maintain the package on the AUR and I’ll pass it over.


If people really want to have it in the AUR, it should be disconnected from eos-bash-shared stuff, and the AUR package renamed to avoid any confusion.


By the maintainer?

I got a couple of deletions (removal requests) as well from alex19EP because they were distro specific (other than arch). Fair enough.

Things will be deleted again though, no matter who maintains it. :man_shrugging:t2:

A GUI wrapper for reflector would be “useful for Arch” so I don’t see why it would be deleted. The only issue with this one is the requirement for the eos-bash-common library scripts, but that should be possible to work around.

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