Reflector showing 0s ping from every mirror

Since the Arch repos shifted to git, reflector is showing a 0 second ping time for all mirrors and giving bare minimum and arbitrary speeds. This doesn’t allow me to get true speeds for the ranking. Sample output:

$> sudo reflector --verbose --country CN,HK,IN,ID,KR,TW --protocol https -l 15 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

[2023-05-29 01:59:23] INFO: rating 15 mirror(s) by download speed
[2023-05-29 01:59:23] INFO: Server                                                  Rate       Time
[2023-05-29 01:59:25] INFO: 84.67 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:26] INFO: 79.97 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:27] INFO: 83.40 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:28] INFO: 82.10 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:30] INFO: 64.81 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:30] INFO: 77.84 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:31] INFO: 82.14 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:31] INFO: 55.75 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:33] INFO: 83.67 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:34] INFO: 72.91 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:35] INFO: 83.06 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:37] INFO: 67.00 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:38] INFO: 55.79 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:39] INFO: 73.26 KiB/s     0.00 s
[2023-05-29 01:59:39] INFO: 90.71 KiB/s     0.00 s

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I saw this somewhere else a few days back and can’t find it. Just a terminology check, the package repos are not in git. Git’s source code and related. The repo migration happened at the same time the Arch devs migrated from SVN to git. Two separate events.

I’d harbor a guess that your /etc/pacman.conf and /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist have a typo.

If you do a sudo pacman -Syu -p , what’s the output look like? Not needed is the complete list of packages, but the top part specifically.

Sorry for the confusion about git. I understand that git is for the source code. I used it just as an event to indicate the time when the problem started.
I can upgrade my system via pacman or an aur wrapper like paru just fine. The issue is with ranking mirrors because I’m getting the above mentioned output from reflector.

I tried sudo pacman -Syu -p and I got I tried this link in the browser and it works fine. I also went through my /etc/pacman.conf and /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and they look fine to me.

If I run your reflector command, or run my own, I also get the 0 second return rates as you have.

Yet the ranked list looks fairly reasonable.

If your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist looks regular, you can probably ignore the 0 sec times. While ideal, there is likely a bug/regression that was recently introduced or not handled within the reflector code.

Thanks for the help

In case anyone is facing the same issue reflector seems to be still using the community repos to get download rates. Ref:

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