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Ok, yes, all those grubs from all those distros are messy. I finally decided to try ReFind again (freaked out with it a couple of years ago and ran away).
So, I let it automatically populate/find/whatever and did nothing manually (yet).
What I find is many references to installed systems that seem to include grub64 (and which seems to always fail to boot anything), I have been using delete to prune them after I test and confirm which works or not. Anything better I can do ?
Also…I admit to having a second EFI on another drive (caused because of a certain system that tended to have logic in it’s installer that the EFI must reside on the same drive as the distro). How do I get it’s contents added (or do I need to)?
I admit to having only read SOME of the refind wiki and am wimping out and just asking questions (lol).

for a start…

I would think that the description that comes up under the icons will tell you which you want to hide away, and which to keep. Generally I hide the grub entries :grin:

As for the alternate EFI system, it would seem unusual to me for it not to have been picked up - but the also_scan_dirs option in /boot/efi/EFI/refind/refind.conf could add it in easily enough if it doesn’t see those entries.

Hopefully that gets you going in an ‘avoid grub’ sort of way… :grin:

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Thanks freebird54, just what I needed to know.
I’ll continue hiding entries. I’ll probably leave one grub available (just in case), but should eventually get it clean.
It may be that the other EFI is there and just haven’t ‘found’ the entries yet :slight_smile:

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