Reduce primary partition for new SWAP

Hello community! So far I have not used, but today I felt the lack of a swap partition. However, 6GB of memory, may require having a swap partition. I reduced the main partition by 10GB, formatted for swap and rebooted the system. Btop shows 9GB swap, so I understand that everything went smoothly? I used Edneavour live system for this operation.

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Looks so.

You could also use:

free -h

sudo swapon -s

to check.


cat /proc/swaps

should give you some info as well


Well looks like it’s working :slight_smile: and priority, what does it mean to me?

The priority -2 is assigned by default to a swap partition (and also file also I think) by the system.

This value becomes relevant if one is using more than one and also different sort of (for example zram) swap spaces.

The user can then modify this value to decide which one is going to be used first, second etc.


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