Reddit still active?

is the reddit still active? i have made a request to post three months ago

I have a account but not so active on that sri :sweat_smile:

Looks like the mods themselves don’t use reddit too often. I guess this forum is good enough for help posts. Even though I do scroll down my reddit feed once in a while, I cannot really say that how many people here actually use reddit.


It was originally set up by a community member but that person left. I somehow don’t have access to the admin settings on the page. The only changes I can make is the logo and the info, but not the essential settings.

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Okay i understand that. I think “ringo32” also have moderator permissions. But maybe they can also not do anything since both of you have “Full Permissions”, but as you say the important settings are not under your control.

It’d be good to recuperate that sub somehow. I’ve seen redditors come to the conclusion that eos “doesn’t have much of a community” on the basis of that sub being such a ghost-town.


Surely Reddit help desk something or other has the means to assist with reclaiming that?

i am a noob a bit on reddit… wil try to keep it on but you should help me a bit :slight_smile:

there is somethings we can do logo change also dont know what restrictions are or fully open …

can add more mods probably but i am kinda picky :slight_smile:

I will look into this, i think this weekend somewhere or if I find a gap in my schedule, earlier this week.

we can add mods atleast and change but is a lot i not used too :slight_smile:

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If help is required I can devote time to the extent of moderating it. My tech-knowledge is rather limited at the moment, but I do use Reddit.

The real “hurdle” is that do you have complete access to the subreddit settings? Bryan says that they cannot change essential settings. Also, I see that users need to have permission before posting content which is kinda uncommon. If we could let users post without permission, it would be better since we’ll see more posts and the community will look more ‘active’ over-all.

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the post permission problem has been solved…
The restriction was done automatically by reddit…
It’s a sort of safety mechanism that kicks in when there is no active moderation, to avoid unwanted spam


I noticed an EnOS post on Reddit today.

You saw my thinkpads passing by then? :smile:


Not automatically lol

I just saw.

Arch linux recently overtook Ubuntu in the number of members on their respective subreddits. I hope ours also gets popular :pray: :laughing:

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fixed my initial post to make it more clear :wink:
my wording was a bit off :sweat_smile:

@flyingcakes thanks for the offer.

Are there any other volunteers who want to join the Reddit team? @ringo and @Krimkerre already have their hands full with Telegram.


I wouldn’t mind! I’m moderatly active on reddit and I would love some way to give back to all the work you and the devs have done!


Wil peak on it but yes active mods community friendly yes… first let unofficial theb look how it evolves further lol