Recovering akonadi disk space

Hi all, Over time akonadi has grown to use about a quarter of all my space. I removed my email accounts from kmail, and I’ve limited search to only my documents folder, but the akonadi and specifically the file_be_data folder is using a significant amount of space, ie I’ve not seen it go down. How can I recover the space?

Thank in advance for any pointers

I ended up just removing akonadi kmail … and then deleting the folders manually. I added back kpim_runtime which is what I wanted to get an integrated calendar widget. Not sure it was the best approach but it seems to have worked

I have been living akonadi free for some time now. It is glorious.


I was using Fedora and Ubuntu before EOS and removing akonadi was first thing to do after every new install :point_up:

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I think the only thing I’ll leave it for is the calendar widget integration, but otherwise I agree I’ll use something else for my email and stuff

Akonadi is the worst aspect of KDE.

KDE would be a million times better without that rubbish.