Recommended CD Ripper for Endeavour

Hi all,

I’m looking for a good CD ripper for Endeavour OS.
I have tried various ones but cannot get them to work correctly either they wont sync to Music Brains or they won’y pick up a CD in a USB blu-ray drive.

I have tried ABCDE, Sound Juice, Ripper X and Asunder

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Check out handbrake. I used it to rip the contents of some old DVDs some time ago.


I believe K3B will rip CDs

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Gnome CD Master (gcdmaster) ,light and simple.

I don’t know if it works with USB devices, but the best Linux ripper is whipper, ripping quality close to Exact Audio Copy and use Music Brainz for tags.
It has no graphical interface, CLI only.


  • Detects correct read offset (in samples)
  • Detects whether ripped media is a CD-R
  • Has ability to defeat cache of drives
  • Performs Test & Copy rips
  • Verifies rip accuracy using the AccurateRip database
  • Uses MusicBrainz for metadata lookup
  • Supports reading the pre-emphasis flag embedded into some CDs (and correctly tags the resulting rip)
    • Currently whipper only reports the pre-emphasis flag value stored in the TOC
  • Detects and rips non digitally silent Hidden Track One Audio (HTOA)
  • Provides batch ripping capabilities
  • Provides templates for file and directory naming
  • Supports lossless encoding of ripped audio tracks (FLAC)
  • Allows extensibility through external logger plugins
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I used soundKonverter (now in the ‘extra’ repository) for my recent CD rips. I don’t recall though what DB it used to retrieve CD data.

Although the past tense implies you’re not using it anymore, it might be worth checking out soundkonverter-dark-theme-git in the AUR. When the soundKonverter developer archived the project last year, they did not release a final version. So the Arch repo (and many other distros) contains the last released version from 2017.

soundkonverter-dark-theme-git includes all the commits & fixes up to 2022, plus a fix for dark themes and Wayland icons -

For music CDs I just use Rhythmbox, rips them like a champ.

fre:ac works great, can rip into just about any format, and supports AccurateRip. Metadata lookup is okay, but not great though.

Another Example where the KDE programm is just plainly all one could need.

Asunder is good. There’s a few programs but I’ve always gravitated to asunder.

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Indeed, I ran out of CDs to rip, convert, and throw out. soundKonverter is able to convert between many formats though, so I’ll try this fork. Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome :cd:

i’ve used ripperx in the past, currently using soundKonverter but not sure if it can rip cds, i used soundKonverter to convert an audio file a while back but not to rip cds

It can. “File - Add CD Tracks” is exactly for this.

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same i use most of the time is Asunder indeed.
You can manually set used db service:
and easy to set options…

It was my first GUI ripper, then I switched to Grip, to later use Rubyripper, then Morituri and then Whipper.

Asunder is the one I advise if the person is not looking for the most accurate rip.