Recommendations: laptop, up to $3500 USD

Work so I cannot get an educational discount. We have standing offers with several companies which as far as I can tell doubles the price of everything. We can go outside the standing offers for special needs. I just need to convince our IT department to order what I want not what they have on hand.

I really loved my old thinkpad replaced 2 years ago with an HP. The problem with the thinkpad is that the connection between the screen and main body broke. It still works with an external monitor. Before it broke, it was my favourite computer to date.

My colleagues with the same HP Zbook all have their keys falling off too and I am embarrassed to say how much they were.

I mostly agree minus their XPS and Precision line still being good options imo

I have had recent XPS machines in my hands and while they are decent machines, I wouldn’t be comfortable about them holding up to physical abuse.

My HP Spectre x360 (2017) is well built and has had no problems mechanically. In general, I would agree HP laptops are better built than Dell ones.

The one above is on sale now.

Thanks for the tip! Remembers me of a smartphone project wich had the same idea. dont know if they still around.

Sad that they didnt have any AMD powered solution. But maybe it comes someime :slight_smile:

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