Recommendation for replacement of fetchmail

I am running a PC as a kind of server for my family. At the moment I am using dovecot as IMAP-server and fetchmail to collect all the mail for the users. After collecting the mail it is delivered via postfix to the IMAP-server and distributed into the particular mailboxes.

Looking in the Arch wiki I found that fetchmail seems not to be the recommended solution as mail retreaval agent (MRA). But there is no recommendation what to use instead. I only found a list of other MRAs like fdm, getmail or mpop. I am not sure if I should replace fetchmail or not.

Which MRAs do you use and why?

I think i would just stick with fetchmail since you are already using it and familiar with it. It is an AUR package and seems to be updated 2020-08-29 04:25

Edit: I have no experience with it but it seems to be up to date. I use Thunderbird as an email client.


“If it ain’t broke…”



“…then break it!” :sweat_smile:


Need any help ? :innocent:


Thanks for your recommendations. I will stick with fetchmail.

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So replacement for Fetchmail is Fetchmail :thinking: