Recent update broke my bluetooth mouse

A recent update broke my bluetooth mouse.
I have a Logitech bluetooth mouse that no longer connects. Tried a different USB port and a different mouse.
How do I go about troubleshooting this?! :thinking:

I am having the same problem for several weeks now. I have to remove the device from the Bluetooth device list. Then reconnect and it works until the laptop goes to sleep or power off.

Any solutions to this?


Welcome @Zut Generally there’s not much reason to bump old threads if you’re having an issue. I will admit it isn’t THAT old though, just a little old.

That being said, have you also tried other kernels, especially the LTS kernel? Wifi/bluetooth are regularly known to go down on the latest kernels. It’s always good to carry the LTS on your system as well.

I’m sorry for the breech in protocol on threads. I will try the LTS kernel and see how that goes. Thanks

Hey that seems to be the solution I appreciate your time helping me