Realtek ALC233: no microphone input from 3,5 mm jack

I understand that EOS uses:

  • ALSA as kernel subsystem

  • pipewire as sound server instead of pulseaudio

pipewire-alsa (installed)
pipewire-pulse (installed)

problem statement: the hardware (MSI Cubi) has a Realtek ALC233 but no microphone input from 3,5 mm jack is received. AlsaMixer shows sound levels up.

The headset used for testing is not a problem since it works on a desktop with an ALC897 just fine.

To go through USB is always an option but not intended.

Any proposals on how to debug? Thanks.

have you pipewire-media-session installed ?

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So, I tried just now - it removed wireplumber, no change.

Do you have an audio mixer such as pauvcontrol? If so what does it say for the realtek soundcard configuration?

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pipewire not pulseaudio is the default

Which is the difference between:

pipewire-media-session vs wireplumber (default)


solution: the extension cable needs TRRS w/ 4 ports including microphone channel, then everything works as expected.

Should I revert to wireplumber?

If you have working Audio with wireplumber, then I would say go for it.

You can also stay with pipewire-media-session but it is recommended to use wireplumber as pipewire-media-session is/was only there to start creating Session managers like wireplumber

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