Real-Time Kernel configuration for audio recording

Greetings guys! I’m just signed to the forum and this is my first post!
First of all, I’m not a programmer but in this months I just started to learn coding in python by my self, job permitting, for audio purpose and using gnu/linux for a year by now (starting with fedora, now switched to EndeavourOS… simply amazing!). I believe in the EndeavourOS project, so, trying to compile a kernel, I’m searching for infos about the best configuration for a real-time kernel.
Anyone could post on the forum a full perfect configuration (about real-time kernel) for audio purpose?
EndeavourOS (like Arch and Arch-based) are absolutely more efficient in terms of system response… so why not configure it for a killing-machine for audio recording? I’m sure it could become a new stable base for audio purpose…

Thanks in advance!!

Waiting for responses from more informed users, have you looked into Liquorix kernel?
It is used for example in AV Linux MX Edition which is geared towards multimedia content creation.

I heard something about it as the xenmod-rt, but being curious about how linux is made, I would try to compile one by my self just to understand better the kernel, also because I’m learning to code to attempt to make a D.A.W. and I need to know what modules generate processes and stuff like that,
Anyway, thanks for you answer! For sure, I will check it soon as possible.

Here is a Wiki post that might be helpful to you:

You might also want to have a look at the linux-rt’s config here:

Welcome to EnOS’ forum and good luck!

Just read the arch wiki, but it doesn’t tallk about single modules and parameters to config.
Then, a month ago I tried to install a rt-kernel from aur repository, but it takes hours for compiling online…
Now, I will check better for the config you posted… thank you!

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